ISP-level targeting

ISP-level targeting allows you to specify an Internet Service Provider (ISP) when connecting to a specific country, region, or city. For instance, you can choose to connect through AT&T in New York or T-Mobile in California. This feature is especially useful for customers seeking to minimize the risk of being blocked or flagged by online platforms when IP changes it's ISP.

How It Works

You can easily integrate ISP-level targeting into your existing connection preferences. Here's how you can specify an ISP at different targeting levels:

- Country + ISP

- Country + Region + ISP

- Country + Region + City + ISP

Examples of proxy with specified ISP-Level Targeting

To connect to a specific ISP, simply add code of isp to the Proxy Username. The example below demonstrates a connection to the AT&T provider:

1. Country-Level Targeting with ISP[email protected]:8080

2. Country + Region-Level Targeting with ISP[email protected]:8080

3. Country + Region + City-Level Targeting with ISP[email protected]:8080

You can find available codes of ISPs by the links below:

1. Country + ISP

2. Country + Region + ISP

3. Country + Region + City + ISP

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