IP quality filter

IP quality filter is a mechanism that checks for the quality of the IP address using our proprietary quality assurance algorithm before assigning it to you from our IP pool. This does decrease the available IP pool. However, because dynamic residential IP addresses can also be used by other real internet users, websites have little incentive to permanently block such IPs, as they are risking blocking normal users as well. In such cases, IP quality plays a more important role than IP diversity.

IP quality filter is advised to be used by users who manage social media accounts including, but not limited to:
- Facebook

- Google

- Amazon

- Ebay

- Ticketmaster

- etc

For scraping purposes, the IP quality filter does play a role but has diminishing returns in terms of success rates.

Quality IP filter currently has 3 modes:

1. Low

2. Medium
3. High

Each mode dictates how rigorously the mechanism filters for IP good addresses. Here are some of our recommendations:

- For social media accounts, we recommend Medium mode. 

- For more high-scale operations, like data scraping, we recommend Low or not enabling it at all.

- For websites that have advanced detection mechanisms, we recommend High mode. High mode is especially advised for those users who have very frequent restrictions and low success rates.

To use the IP quality filter, you need to set it in the proxy username.

Filter modeProxy username
No filter enabledProxyUser-country-UK-sid-1234
Low filter modeProxyUser-country-UK-sid-1234-filter-low
Medium filter modeProxyUser-country-UK-sid-1234-filter-medium
High filter modeProxyUser-country-UK-sid-1234-filter-high

IP quality filter can also be enabled in the Proxy Setup section. It will automatically generate a proxy list with Medium filter mode.

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